Are you providing (receiving) Paid Release Time?

Paid Release Time is time an employee is paid, on the clock, at their normal wage, to attend class, study, or attend to personal needs.  Paid Release Time hours are paid to the employee in their regular pay check.  If an employee normally is paid for 30 hours per week, this does not change when they use Paid Release Time.  They are still paid 30 hours per week, at their normal wage.  For example, an employee paid $10 per hour, 30 hours per week uses 2 hours of Paid Release Time to study at the center.  The center pays her $10 per hour for those 2 hours.  She does not make up the time later, and her hours are not reduced to 28.  Her pay check will show 30 hours worked (28 hours in the classroom, and 2 hours studying), and that she is paid $10 per hour, for a total of $300 (less payroll tax and benefit deductions).

If you are not paying your employees in their regular paycheck, at their normal rate of pay, for Paid Release Time, then it is not Paid Release Time, and OCCRRA will not reimburse you for it.

Again, Paid Release Time  counts as normal work time, and you (the employer) must pay payroll taxes and make benefit deductions (since it is paid as normal work hours).

OCCRRA will provide centers a reimbursement of $8 per hour, for Paid Release Time provided (and already paid to your employees at their normal wage).

If you are a T.E.A.C.H. Scholar and you feel you are not receiving Paid Release Time please contact us.

If you are a T.E.A.C.H. Sponsor and you feel you may not be providing Paid Release Time properly, please contact us.

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